1980 July – December


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  • National Geographic July 1980

    The Bulgarians: People to Match a Rugged Land { The Bulgarians}
    Boyd Gibbons frames a portrait of spirit, industry, and a will to make do in a socialist system that offers few luxuries and squelches criticism. Photographs by James L. Stanfield.
    Giant Otters, a Vanishing Breed { Giant Otters in Peril; Giant Otters: Big Water Dogs in Peril}
    In the jungles of Suriname, Nicole Duplaix studies South America's endangered big water dogs. Photographs by Bates Littlehales.
    Bulgaria's Ancient Treasures { Ancient Bulgaria's Golden Treasures}
    A trove of copper and gold artifacts supports author Colin Renfrew's theory that metallurgy evolved in Europe independent of Near East influences. Photographs by James L. Stanfield; paintings by Jean- Leon Huens.
    Return to Uganda
    With her Canadian husband, a Ugandan woman goes home after seven years, to find that her nation's sorrows did not end with the fall of Idi Amin. By Jerry and Sarah Kambites, with photographs by Sarah Leen.
    China's Born- again Giant { Shanghai: Muscle and Smoke Born- Again Giant; Shanghai: China's Born- again Giant}
    Mike Edwards finds signs of stabilization in Shanghai, a city that has known both the heights of progress and the depths of chaos. With photographs by Bruce Dale, plus a double supplement map of China and its peoples.
    A Buckaroo Stew of Fact and Legend: The Pony Express { Grit and Glory: The Pony Express; Pony Express, Legend and Fact; The Pony Express}
    Indians and the elements warred against those young couriers of 1860- 61 who galloped into legend. Rowe Findley and photographer Craig Aurness retrace the historic route.

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  • National Geographic August 1980

    Flight of the [ Kitty Hawk] { Balloon [ Kitty Hawk] Crosses North America; [ Kitty Hawk] Floats Across North America}
    A father and son, Maxie and Kristian Anderson, make the first coast- to- coast balloon crossing of North America on the winds of May.
    Here's to Milwaukee { Milwaukee: More Than Beer}
    A heady ethnic brew of citizens share the view that theirs is the best town around, as Louise Levathes and Michael Mauney discover.
    Eighty Centuries of Veracruz { Man's Eighty Centuries in Veracruz}
    For nearly two decades archeologist S. Jeffrey K. Wilkerson has documented an 8, 000- year record of human habitation on Mexico's Gulf coast. Photographs by David Hiser and paintings Richard Schlecht.
    Bordeaux: Fine Wines and Fiery Gascons
    France's Bordelais region is justly famed for vintages of excellence and people of flamboyant independence. By William Davenport, with photographs by Adam Woolfitt.
    The Wild World of Compost
    A startling microcosm of tiny creatures helps turn garden waste piles into rich organic humus. Naturalist Cecil E. Johnson and photographer Bianca Lavies explore the process.
    Our Most Precious Resource: Water { Water: Our Most Precious Resource}
    Thomas Y. Canby looks at how the nation uses and abuses its vast store of fresh water: purifies it, distributes it, benefits from it, and increasingly depletes it. Photographs by Ted Spiegel.

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  • National Geographic September 1980

    Islam's Troubled Heartland { Islam Up in Arms; Islam's Heartland, Up in Arms}
    A panorama of unrest from Afghanistan to Africa is surveyed by GEOGRAPHIC writer- photographer Thomas J. Abercrombie and detailed on a timely new supplement map.
    Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom and Its Power
    Oil wealth beyond imagination has come to a nomadic, patriarchal, long- impoverished desert society. Robert Azzi, a U. S. photojournalist with access to Arabia's royal family, reveals how the nation is dealing with overwhelming change.
    Undersea World of a Kelp Forest
    Biologist Sylvia A. Earle and marine cameraman Al Giddings find kaleidoscopic life amid seaweed off California's Santa Catalina island.
    September, Remember. .. Atlantic Waters Spawn the Deadly, Unpredictable Hurricane! { Hurricane! ; Into the Eye of David ; Dominica }
    Each summer huge tropical cyclones whirl out of the Atlantic and Caribbean toward North America - - and each year people forget their potential for devastation.
    Madawaska: French Accent Down East { Madawaska: Down East With a French Accent}
    In a tranquil valley along Maine's border with Canada, national divisions blur as independent- minded people cling to tradition. By Perry Garfinkel and Cary Wolinsky.

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  • National Geographic October 1980

    Bamboo, the Giant Grass
    It is strong, light, and a gourmet's delight, and no other living thing grows so tall so fast. Luis Marden travels worldwide to survey what he regards as the most useful plant on earth. Photographs by Jim Brandenburg.
    My Chesapeake- -Queen of Bays
    Allan C. Fisher, Jr. , discovers ecological trouble brewing in the demi- Eden of this great estuary. Photographs by Lowell Georgia.
    The Pompidou Center Captivates Paris { Pompidou Center, Rage of Paris}
    An architectural King Kong in its first three years attracts more visitors than the Louvre and Eiffel Tower combined, delighting some, dismaying others. Photographs by Marc Riboud, text by Cathy Newman.
    Last of a Breed, the Gauchos { The Gauchos, Last of a Breed}
    Robert Laxalt and photographer O. Louis Mazzatenta document the vanishing way of life of South America's renowned horsemen.
    Albania Stands Alone { Albania, Alone Against the World}
    In a rare glimpse of a nation that isolates itself from the world, Turkish photojournalist Mehmet Biber finds it sternly ruled, self- sufficient, and defiant of both West and East.
    Life on a High Rock Ledge { Nature's Kingdom on a High Rock Ledge; Life on a Rock Ledge}
    Seemingly barren mountain faces in northern New England in fact support a host of hardy plants and animals, naturalist William H. Amos demonstrates.

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  • National Geographic November 1980

    Windsor Castle
    Symbol in stone of Britain's majesty and stability, the 900- year- old fortress begun by William the Conqueror is portrayed today by Anthony Holden and James L. Stanfield.
    Baja's Mysterious Murals { Baja's Murals of Mystery}
    Caves and canyon walls in Baja California hold a treasury of rock art left by unknown Indians. Harry Crosby and Charles O' Rear report.
    Arnhem Land Aboriginals Cling to Dreamtime
    Natives of northern Australia's bush defend their age- old culture against 20th- century incursions. By Clive Scollay and Penny Tweedie.
    A Tale of Twin Cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul { Minneapolis and St. Paul: A Tale of Twin Cities}
    Thomas J. Abercrombie returns to his hometowns, Minneapolis and St. Paul, to rediscover why Minnesota's urban giant has won acclaim as the most livable metropolis in the United States. With photographs by Annie Griffiths.
    Queen Mary's Dolls' House { Royal House for Dolls}
    At an inch to the foot, a miniature palace crafted in the 1920's for Queen Mary delights visitors to Windsor Castle. Text by David Jeffery, photographs by James L. Stanfield.
    Africa's Elephants: Can They Survive?
    Wildlife consultants Oria and Iain Douglas- Hamilton tally the continent's embattled giants, documenting the havoc wreaked by ivory hunters and human population pressure.

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  • National Geographic December 1980

    The Aztecs

    Tenochtitlan, Seat of Empire

    Unearthing the Great Temple

    Coal Versus Parklands

    New Course For Portugal

    Fatima, Beacon of Faith

    Way of the Jackal

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