National Geographic October 1980


Bamboo, the Giant Grass
It is strong, light, and a gourmet’s delight, and no other living thing grows so tall so fast. Luis Marden travels worldwide to survey what he regards as the most useful plant on earth. Photographs by Jim Brandenburg.
My Chesapeake- -Queen of Bays
Allan C. Fisher, Jr. , discovers ecological trouble brewing in the demi- Eden of this great estuary. Photographs by Lowell Georgia.
The Pompidou Center Captivates Paris { Pompidou Center, Rage of Paris}
An architectural King Kong in its first three years attracts more visitors than the Louvre and Eiffel Tower combined, delighting some, dismaying others. Photographs by Marc Riboud, text by Cathy Newman.
Last of a Breed, the Gauchos { The Gauchos, Last of a Breed}
Robert Laxalt and photographer O. Louis Mazzatenta document the vanishing way of life of South America’s renowned horsemen.
Albania Stands Alone { Albania, Alone Against the World}
In a rare glimpse of a nation that isolates itself from the world, Turkish photojournalist Mehmet Biber finds it sternly ruled, self- sufficient, and defiant of both West and East.
Life on a High Rock Ledge { Nature’s Kingdom on a High Rock Ledge; Life on a Rock Ledge}
Seemingly barren mountain faces in northern New England in fact support a host of hardy plants and animals, naturalist William H. Amos demonstrates.

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