National Geographic November 1980


Windsor Castle
Symbol in stone of Britain’s majesty and stability, the 900- year- old fortress begun by William the Conqueror is portrayed today by Anthony Holden and James L. Stanfield.
Baja’s Mysterious Murals { Baja’s Murals of Mystery}
Caves and canyon walls in Baja California hold a treasury of rock art left by unknown Indians. Harry Crosby and Charles O’ Rear report.
Arnhem Land Aboriginals Cling to Dreamtime
Natives of northern Australia’s bush defend their age- old culture against 20th- century incursions. By Clive Scollay and Penny Tweedie.
A Tale of Twin Cities: Minneapolis and St. Paul { Minneapolis and St. Paul: A Tale of Twin Cities}
Thomas J. Abercrombie returns to his hometowns, Minneapolis and St. Paul, to rediscover why Minnesota’s urban giant has won acclaim as the most livable metropolis in the United States. With photographs by Annie Griffiths.
Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House { Royal House for Dolls}
At an inch to the foot, a miniature palace crafted in the 1920’s for Queen Mary delights visitors to Windsor Castle. Text by David Jeffery, photographs by James L. Stanfield.
Africa’s Elephants: Can They Survive?
Wildlife consultants Oria and Iain Douglas- Hamilton tally the continent’s embattled giants, documenting the havoc wreaked by ivory hunters and human population pressure.

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