National Geographic March 2007


Cosmic Explosions { Bang: The Cataclysmic Death of Stars}
Massive stars die in the biggest explosions since the big bang. Now scientists are deciphering the stories of these doomed suns. BY RON COWEN
Orlando Beyond Disney { Beyond Disney; Orlando; How Walt Disney Changed Everything}
Walt Disney’s utopian dream forever changed Orlando, Florida, and laid the blueprint for the new American metropolis. BY T. D. ALLMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID BURNETT
Sharks of the Bahamas { Shark Eden; Sharks; Bahama Sharks; Blue Waters of the Bahamas: An Eden for Sharks}
Sharks are in decline worldwide, yet they abound in the Bahamas. What makes this blue- water archipelago a sanctuary? BY JENNIFER S. HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRIAN SKERRY
Defending a Forgotten Herd { Zakouma Park; Ivory Wars: Last Stand in Zakouma}
Poachers in Chad are gunning down some of Africa’s last great elephant herds whenever they leave Zakouma National Park. BY J. MICHAEL FAY PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
Wildlife Haven { Zakouma: Eye to Eye}
Within Zakouma Park, elephants, lions, giraffes, and a wealth of rarely seen animals live their lives relatively undisturbed. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
Rock of Ages: Canyonlands
In the vast expanse of corrugated rock that spreads across the American Southwest, time is measured in millennia. BY MIKE EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANS LANTING

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