National Geographic April 2000


Yemen United
A young republic in a medieval cloak, Yemen is a world of contradictions where veiled women have the vote and tribesmen carry daggers and cell phones.
San Pedro River { A Special Place: San Pedro River, The Patience of a Saint}
An oasis for desert animals and migrating birds, San Pedro’s waters are under siege by thirsty Arizona communities.
Medicines in Nature { Nature’s Rx}
Where Western medicine hasn’t been an option – and today even where it is – millions turn to traditional therapies to cure their ills. Do natural remedies really work, and can science unlock their secrets?
Chiquibul Cave { Inside Chiquibul: Exploring Central America’s Longest Cave}
Exhilaration and disappointment accompany divers as they explore submerged passages thought to link segments of a 60- mile cave complex on the Belize- Guatemala border.
Research Update { Update From the Field: A Report From the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration}
Our research grantees roam the world, calculating the height of Mount Everest or studying Fiji’s coral reefs. Their work is often difficult and sometimes dangerous, but it’s always an adventure
Duck- billed Platypus: Australia’s Urban Oddity
A bizarre and elusive creature that once swam with dinosaurs now inhabits the waterways of Melbourne. Increasingly, its future rests in the hands of Australia’s urban residents.
Inside the Great White { Great White: Deep Trouble}
The unmistakable jaws of the great white have long been synonymous with terror. Researchers are now discovering the vulnerable side of this magnificent predator.

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