National Geographic June 2000


Golan Heights { In Focus: Golan Heights: The Key to Peace? }
Since 1948 this small patch of land overlooking the Jordan River has been a source of contention between Israel and Syria. Now it may be the bargaining chip that finally brings them peace.
Indus: Clues to an Ancient Civilization { Indus Civilization: Clues To an Ancient Puzzle}
Archaeologists unearth clues to ancient cities – long disappeared – that once flourished in the Indus Valley of Pakistan and northwestern India.
Jellyfish { Jelly Bellies}
The beauty of these drifting predators may surprise those who know jellyfish only as the bane of the beach.
London On a Roll
Britain’s capital city has shed its staid reputation. Newly enlivened by hot culture and cold cash, London is redefining itself as a global trendsetter.
Sierra Madre Pilgrimage { Pilgrimage Through the Sierra Madre}
In a 1, 300- mile journey through the mountains of Mexico, the author pursues the past – his own and that of an enigmatic 19th- century Norwegian explorer.
Suriname: Can the Rain Forest Save South America’s Youngest Nation?
Can local knowledge of medicinal plants protect the South American rain forest and bolster this young nation’s economy?
Debut Sue: Chicago’s Field Museum Unveils the World’s Most Famous T. Rex
The largest Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered has found new stomping grounds at Chicago’s Field Museum.

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