National Geographic January 2001


ZipUSA: 85346: America’s Largest Parking Lot { ZipUSA: Quartzsite, Arizona}
ZipUSA: Quartzsite It’s Nowhere, Arizona- until November. Then more than a million devotees of RVs roll in from all over for swap meets, socializing, and the sunset- painted sky. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY
Ancient Ashkelon: Dead Men Do Tell Tales { Ashkelon: Ancient City of the Sea}
Ancient Ashkelon From Canaanites to Crusaders, the city of Ashkelon was a strategic Mediterranean port for nearly 5, 000 years. BY RICK GORE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
Beyond Gravity
Beyond Gravity The year Arthur C. Clarke made famous is here. 2001’s co- creator contemplates the third millennium. BY SIR ARTHUR CLARKE
Japan’s Imperial Palace: First Look Inside { Japan’s Imperial Palace: Beyond the Moat}
Japan’s Imperial Palace The heart of Tokyo shelters the home of Emperor Akihito- a modern ruler who studies fish, writes poetry, and preserves the traditions of the world’s oldest monarchy. BY ROBERT M. POOLE PHOTOGRAPHS BY SAM ABELL
Great Barrier Reef: Australia’s Coral Kingdom { Kingdom of Coral: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef}
Great Barrier Reef Largest structure on the planet built by living organisms, Australia’s coral rampart hosts a carnival of sea life. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID DOUBILET
Mummers Parade { Kings for a Day: A Century of Revelry in Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade}
Mummers Parade Fantasy and feathers rule in Philadelphia when New Year’s revelers take to the streets in costumes fit for kings. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY VINCENT J. MUSI
2001: The Body in Space, Surviving the Odyssey { Surviving in Space}
Surviving in Space A voyage to Mars may be every astronaut’s dream, but the health risks to even the most superbly conditioned Earthlings are formidable indeed. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY

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