National Geographic March 1973


Chan Chan, Peru’s Ancient City of Kings
The largest city in pre- Columbian South America, now a mud- brick ruin, once guarded royal treasures and stood up to the Inca.
Yesterday’s Congo, Today’s Zaire
Chaos and slaughter followed independence from Belgium in 1960 – – now Zaire’s 200 tribes turn to nation building.
Oil and Penguins Don’t Mix
On breeding grounds off South Africa’s tip penguins fall victim to egg- robbing seabirds and humans, and now to oil pollution from tankers rerouted by the closing of the Suez Canal in 1967.
Ocean Mammals. .. ( Eskimos’ Fight for Whaling Rights) { Ocean Mammals Are to Us What the Buffalo Was to the Plains Indian. }
Before a 1972 U. S. Senate committee hearing on the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Eskimos pleaded for their traditional right to hunt the bowhead whale. The Senate agreed.
Close- up: U. S. A. — A Fresh Look at Our Land and Its Heritage
This announcement introduces a series of regional maps to be issued with the magazine as aids to the traveler.
Cyprus Under Four Flags: A Struggle for Unity
Since independence of the former British colony, the Christian Greek majority and the Muslim Turkish minority have waged war; they remain separated in armed camps.
The Last U. S. Whale Hunters
Eskimos in skin boats take bowhead whales and divide the meat among every family in Barrow, Alaska.
High- stepping Idaho
Once remote and sparsely populated, the western state draws new settlers with its clean air and water and now must guard against people pollution.

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