National Geographic July 1971


The Secrets of Nature’s Night Lights { Nature’s Night Lights: Probing the Secrets of Bioluminescence}
Fireflies, glow worms, microorganisms, and even mushrooms possess complex mechanisms that turn them into natural lanterns.
Bermuda- -Balmy, British, and Beautiful
The Atlantic archipelago immortalized in Shakespeare’s comedy, The Tempest, prospers as Britain’s oldest remaining colony.
Norway, Land of the Generous Sea
For some 2, 000 years, Japanese fisherwomen have been free diving down to 75 feet to harvest abalone and other shellfish and edible seaweed.
Exploring Canyonlands National Park { Canyonlands, Realm of Rock and the Far Horizon}
The surging Colorado and Green Rivers have eroded the massive rock of southeast Utah, creating bizarre natural architecture.
The Climb Up Cone Crater
U. S. astronauts Edgar D. Mitchell and Alan B. Shepard, Jr. , of Apollo 14, accomplish the longest moon walk to date.

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