National Geographic March 1971


Sea Islands: The South’s Surprising Coast { Sea Islands: Adventuring Along the South’s Surprising Coast}
Along the Georgia and South Carolina shore the author meets unspoiled nature, elegant resorts, ecologists, descendants of plantation owners, and descendants of slaves.
The Lands and Peoples of Southeast Asia { New Light on a Forgotten Past}
A professor of anthropology theorizes that Southeast Asia may have been the cradle of civilization. Excavations in northern Thailand suggest humans there were cultivating plants, making pottery, and casting bronze as early as anywhere else on Earth.
The Lands and Peoples of Southeast Asia { Mosaic of Cultures}
Regional giants China and India have had tremendous influence on six smaller nations of Southeast Asia. This cultural legacy is brought to the forefront by the region’s state of instability.
The Land and Peoples of Southeast Asia { Pagan, on the Road to Mandalay}
Ancient Buddhist pagodas mark the remains of the royal capital of the first Burmese Empire. The crumbling site lies on a curve of the Irrawaddy River, Rudyard Kipling’s road to Mandalay.
Quebec: French City in an Anglo- Saxon World
A metropolis on the St. Lawrence, the capital of the province of Quebec stands as a stronghold for French- speaking Canadians.
The California Gray Whale Comes Back
Each fall, the great whales migrate from the Bering Sea to breeding and birthing grounds off Baja California.

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