National Geographic April 1978


The Yukon’s Call of the North { Yukon Fever: Call of the North}
Robert Booth and George F. Mobley find the spirit of the Klondike still alive.
That broad- shouldered city of superlatives is roamed by Harvey Arden and Steve Raymer.
China’s Incredible Find: The First Emperor’s Army
Audrey Topping and artist Yang Hsien- min tell of the discovery of a 6, 000- strong, life- size army in clay buried to guard an emperors tomb. COVER photograph by Howard Nelson.
Man’s New Frontier- -The Continental Shelf
In the watery new world offshore, report Luis Marden and Ira Block, the year is 1492.
Dwellers in the Dark { African Termites: Dwellers in the Dark; Termites: Dwellers in the Dark}
African termites toil in a hidden realm explored by scientist Glenn D. Prestwich.

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