National Geographic January 1970


Berlin, on Both Sides of the Wall
A 28- mile- long barricade separating communist East Germany and free capitalistic West Germany overshadows every aspect of life in this fabled metropolis, a center of the Cold War.
The Netherlands Antilles: Holland in the Caribbean
Two island clusters, one off Venezuela and the other 500 miles to the northeast, display startlingly different topographies, cultures, and history. Together they make up what was once the Dutch West Indies.
Snowflakes to Keep
A staff photographer preserves the beauty of icy crystals by encasing them in plastic before they melt, a method devised by snow expert Vincent J. Schaefer.
Death Valley, the Land and the Legend
The varied topography of the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere and the driest spot in the nation are protected in a vast national monument.
Making Friends With Mountain Gorillas
Dian Fossey reports on the great apes of Central Africa, information culled from 2, 000 hours of direct observation.

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