National Geographic February 1988


Living in Two Worlds: The First Australians { The First Australians: Living in Two Worlds}
Life is a balancing act for Aborigines who struggle to maintain their unique cultural heritage in the modern world.
Sydney’s Changing Face
A photo- essay of Australia’s immigrants. Photos by Mary Ellen Mark.
Children of the First Fleet
Banished to the farthest corner of the earth, a cargo of British convicts inaugurated a nation when they landed at Sydney on January 26, 1788. One of those aboard the infamous First Fleet was Matthew Everingham, transported for stealing two law books. ;D
Australia at 200
On the eve of its bicentennial, Australia reveals itself as a nation embracing inevitable change and promising opportunities for the future.
Portraits of the Land
Rust red sand underlies the heart of Australia, where the huge monoliths known as the Olgas shoulder above spinifex and grevillea. This old and worn continent has a look like no other – – celebrated in this portfolio by poets and others, both the native
Child of Gondwana
165 million years ago Australia was part of a massive landmass refered to as Gondwana. Today this southern continent stands alone, boasting a unique diversity of plant and animals species.

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