National Geographic September 2005


Oil Boon { African Oil: Whose Bonanza? }
Oil Boon In a continent where natural resources are often plun- dered to the detriment of ordinary people, impoverished Chad- the new oil frontier- could become a model of fairness. BY NICK KOTCH PHOTOGRAPHS BY PASCAL MAITRE AND ED KASHI
Living with AIDS
Living With AIDS For one group of HIV- positive South Africans, potent drugs and changing attitudes offer new hope. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY GIDEON MENDEL
Inventing Nairobi { Nairobi; Inventing a City: Nairobi}
Inventing Nairobi The nearly three million residents of Kenya’s burgeoning capital are reshaping a uniquely African city. BY BINYAVANGA WAINAINA PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
Ituri Pygmies { Ituri Pygmies: Who Rules the Forest? }
Who Rules the Forest? The Mbuti Pygmies of Congo’s Ituri forest have survived a brutal civil war and chaotic aftermath. But peace- with its inevitable land rush- poses an even greater threat. BY PAUL SALOPEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
African Wildlife { Spirit of the Wild}
Spirit of the Wild The fate of Africa’s great animals remains uncertain- and entirely in human hands. BY DAVID QUAMMEN
The Human Footprint { Views of the Continent; Tracing the Human Footprint}
Views of the Continent Armed with two small planes and infinite determination, explorer and conservationist J. Michael Fay set out to create an unprecedented record of human impact on the land. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ MAP SUPPLEM
Return to Zambia { Zambia; Return to Zambia: We Just Want Enough }
Return to Zambia On a visit home, an African writer travels from remote valley to village to city, contemplating the relationship between people and wildlife. BY ALEXANDRA FULLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON


AFRICA: THE HUMAN FOOTPRINT(24 1/4 x 22 1/4 inches)
Included: Human Footprint map of Africa reflecting human impact on the continent; measures of human impact are population density; road, rail and waterway networks; land use; and electric power grids. ; Also included: Inset Human Footprint map of the wor
AFRICA: A STORIED LANDSCAPE(24 1/4 x 22 1/4 inches)
Included: Map of Africa based on satellite images revealing landscapes formed by a mosaic of ecosystems; inset outline map showing Africa’ s most distant offshore nations- -Cape Verde, Mauritius, and Seychelles; an inset vertical map strip of the contine

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