National Geographic May 2013


New Clues to a Long Life

You want to live to 120? And stay healthy? Genetic discoveries could make that wish come true.

Siberian Sanctuary

Wrangel Island was once thought to be a magical realm. That’s not so far from the truth.

Unsilent Zimbabwe

The violent rule of Robert Mugabe has shattered a nation. But he cannot still the voices of the people.

The Curse of Fertilizer

Could agriculture destroy our planet?

Element Hunters

A new atom is born. And then it vanishes. And the search for undiscovered elements goes on.

Turning Old Things Into New

Shrimp shells + silk protein = one of many freshly minted (and super-useful) materials.

Flying in the Face of Peril

Bears, snakes, and unhappy bureucrats can’t stop Cagan Sekercioglu from saving birds.

China’s Grand Canal

The ancient waterway linked north and south for centuries. Nowadays it’s a tourist draw too.

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