National Geographic October 1930


Ch√Ęteau Land- -France’s Pageant on the Loire
Castles carved like unto jewels decorate the Loire River, home to much of France’s history and many examples of its artistry.
The Glories of the Minya Konka: Magnificent Snow Peaks of the China- Tibetan Border Are Photographed at Close Range by a National Geographic Society Expedition
A seven- month expedition returns with vivid descriptions and natural- color photographs of these snow- coated mountains reaching more than 25, 000 feet in altitude.
A New Alphabet of the Ancients Is Unearthed: An Inconspicuous Mound in Northern Syria Yields Archeological Treasures of Far- reaching Significance
Traces of a civilization combining Egyptian, Phoenician, and other influences emerge from the Syrian sands, including royal tombs and clay texts inscribed in an unknown cuneiform language.
The Perennial Geographer: After 2, 000 Years Vergil Is Still the Most Widely Read of Latin Poets- -First to Popularize the Geography of the Roman Empire
The Aeneid’s author made no secret of his patriotism, extolling the virtues of lands throughout the Roman Empire and diffusing geographic knowledge in his own time as his works do today.

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