National Geographic September 2012


Weather Gone WIld

Disastrous rains. No rain at all. Unexpected heat or cold. Is Earth’s climate changing dangerously?

Drought in the West of Texas

The state has just suffered its driest 12 months.

Mountains in the Sea

They rise from the ocean floor, rarely explored by humans. A new expedition offers a close-up look.

{ Special Poster } Beneath the Oceans / Mauna Kea – The World’s Tallest Mountain

Yemen’s Day of Reckoning

Its old ruler is gone. The new challenge: coming to terms with rebels, refugees, and al Qaeda.

The Empire Strikes Out

Rome’s walls helped set the outer limits of its power – and led to its downfall

Mansions of the Roma Kings

Don’t call them Gypsies – a derogatory term. And don’t expect any of them to live in caravans.


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