National Geographic November 2012


Cuba’s New Now

The people respond to reforms with excitement, black humor, and a large dose of skepticism.

It’s All in the Bubbles

No one knew how emperor penguins could rocket through the water so fast. Now scientists have discovered the secret.

Vikings and Native Americans

Strange strands of yarn are helping uncover a lost chapter of New World history.

Sailing the Dunes

In his wheelless paraglider, photographer Steinmetz flies over deserts, guided by dunes.

Cheetahs on the Edge

They’re shy and delicately built. They can’t roar. But the threatened cat is a shrewd survivor.

{ Special Poster } A Cheetah’s High-Speed Dash

Arkansas Delta, 40 Years Later

A VISTA volunteer, he made black friends, was attacked by whites. Now he and his camera return.


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