National Geographic February 2012


New Tricks From Old Dogs

The genetic code for canine shapes and sizes may help scientists unravel human disease.

The Calm Before the Wave

A tsunami strikes almost every year. When and where will the next giant wave hit?

{ Essay } A Japanese mother’s tsunami warning.

Kazakhstan’s Tomorrowland

The oil-rich country’s brash, billion-dollar new capital has everything – including “the banana.”

Leonardo… Or Not?

A chalk-and-ink drawing purchased for $21,850 could be a $100 million masterwork. The proof may come down to a 500-year-old book

Reclusive Rocks

Do you like grit in your teeth? Isolation? Hoodoos that shift hues? Then come to the Southwest’s well-kept secret: Vermilion Cliffs Monument.

Last of the Cave People

They came to meet Papua New Guinea’s no-mads-and stumbled into a life-and-death crisis.


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