National Geographic May 2012


Bringing the Civil War to Life

In the 1860s combat artists captured battlefield drama. Today reenactors reimagine the conflict.

{ Special Poster } The March to Gettysburg / Civil War to Civil Rights

A Showboating Bird

To woo a mate, a male manakin might make music with its wings … or do the moonwalk.

Egypt In The Moment

A Nile journey reveals how the revolution is playing out far from its epicenter in Tahrir Square.

A Show of Hands

Humans, of course, have them. So do bats, cats, dolphins, elephants, and frogs. Our artwork takes you inside these useful appendages.

Iceland’s Resilient Beauty

Icelanders and sheep have taken a toll, but the volcanic-glacial landscape is still astonishing.

The Race to Rescue Koalas

Megan Aitken drives Australian streets, saving marsupials that face urban hazards and disease.


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