2002 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2002

    U. S. S. [ Enterprise] : Zip on the High Seas { ZipUSA: 09543- 2810: The Big E; ZipUSA: U. S. S. [ Enterprise] }
    ZipUSA: U. S. S. Enterprise Now hear this: More than 5, 000 men and women live on the Big E, a place where mail call is priceless and 30- ton jets roar off the flight deck 24 hours a day. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY TERU KUWAYAMA
    China's Unknown Gobi: Heart of the Desert { Alashan: China's Unknown Gobi}
    China's Unknown Gobi Spring- fed lakes, thousand- foot- high sand dunes, and the ghosts of an ancient walled city lie at the heart of the remote Alashan Plateau. BY DONOVAN WEBSTER PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ
    Wolf to Woof { The Evolution of Dogs: Wolf to Woof}
    Wolf to Woof After wild dogs learned not to bite the hand that fed them, French poodles weren't far behind. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
    World of Islam: United by Faith { In Focus: The World of Islam}
    In Focus: World of Islam Earth's fastest growing religion, with six million followers in the U. S. alone, reveals striking diversity. BY DON BELT
    The New Europe: Instant Superpower { The New Europe}
    The New Europe With its own parliament and currency and a common aspiration for peace, the European Union declares itself - in 11 official languages- open for business. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY STUART FRANKLIN
    Hotspots: Preserving Pieces of a Fragile Biosphere
    Hotspots: India's Western Ghats Treasured watershed of India, these coastal mountains feed grasslands, forests, and a burgeoning human population. Biologist E. O. Wilson introduces a series examining such hotspots- among Earth's richest ecosystems. BY
    Dogs: A Love Story { A Love Story: Our Bond With Dogs}
    A Love Story Some dogs work for us- hunting, herding, guiding- but others just dote on us, and we love them for it. BY ANGUS PHILLIPS PHOTOGRAPHS BY RICHARD OLSENIUS

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  • National Geographic February 2002

    Central Asia: The Stans { Central Asia Unveiled}
    Central Asia Unveiled From Kazakhs in the north to Pashtun in Pakistan, over 100 ethnic groups call these storied lands home. BY MIKE EDWARDS
    Cuba Reefs: Undersea Eden { Cuba Reefs: A Last Caribbean Refuge}
    Cuba Reefs Gardens of sponges and exotic fish bloom in the pristine cays of Cuba, the Caribbean's largest submerged island shelf. BY PETER BENCHLEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID DOUBILET
    Mount Etna Ignites { Etna Ignites}
    Mount Etna Ignites Europe's tallest active volcano erupts in grandeur, enthralling Sicilians and intriguing scientists. BY MARCO PINNA PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARSTEN PETER
    Leap of Faith { Salt Lake Valley: Olympic Leap of Faith; Salt Lake Valley's Leap of Faith}
    Salt Lake Valley Wedged between snowy peaks and its name- sake lake, this fast- growing oasis is ready for its Olympic debut. BY LISA MOORE LAROE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBB KENDRICK
    A Beginning
    War on Disease Microbes threaten billions of people in a world weakened by poverty, war, lack of clean water, and inattention. Former President Jimmy Carter introduces a series examining Challenges for Humanity in the 21st century. BY RICK WEISS PHOTOGR
    AIDS Turns 20 { Search for a Cure; Amid the Unrelenting Spread of AIDS: Search for a Cure}
    Search for a Cure Will a vaccine ever suppress HIV, the elusive virus that has caused immeasurable suffering- and more than 20 million AIDS deaths throughout the world? BY MICHAEL KLESIUS PHOTOGRAPHS BY KAREN KASMAUSKI
    Elkton, Maryland: The Wedding Zip { ZipUSA: The Marrying Place: 21921; ZipUSA: Elkton, Maryland}
    ZipUSA: Elkton, Maryland Where no- wait marriages once drew movie stars, thousands of couples still come each year to say I do. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY


    ANTARCTICA: A NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION ( side 2)(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Topographic map created by BEDMAP consortium. ; Included: Terrain model of Antarctica' s bedrock landscape overlaid with satellite imagery of surface details; insets show erosion of ice shelves, emergence of Antarctica as a separate continent, ice sheet
    ANTARCTICA: A NEW AGE OF EXPLORATION ( side 1)(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Included: Digital mosaic of Antarctica compiled from 4, 500 scans by Canadian Space Agency' s Radarsat I in 1997 during the first Antarctic Mapping Mission, a joint project of CSA and NASA; insets show surface elevation, ice sheet thickness, ice flow vel

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  • National Geographic March 2002

    Shipwreck From Greece's Golden Age { Golden Age Treasures}
    Golden Age Treasures A fifth- century B. C. shipwreck off Turkey shines light on Greece's finest hour. BY GEORGE F. BASS PHOTOGRAPHS BY COURTNEY PLATT
    Danube River: Harmony and Discord { The Danube: Europe's River of Harmony and Discord}
    Danube River On its waltz past the storied castles of Germany through central Europe to the Black Sea, the hardworking river finds itself still hobbled by the bombs that pounded the Balkans in 1999. BY CLIFF TARPY PHOTOGRAPHS BY ED KASHI
    Attwater's Prairie- Chicken: Down to a Handful { Down to a Handful}
    Down to a Handful Fewer than 50 Attwater's prairie- chickens hang on in two refuges. Can Texas' obscure grouse beat extinction? BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY ] OEL SARTORE
    Black Bears: Mother Bear Man { Mother Bear Man: Ben Kilham Nurtures Cubs Back to Nature}
    Mother Bear Man Using foraging lessons and forest romps, gentle Ben Kilham teaches orphaned cubs how to be wild. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CAPUTO
    Across the Arctic: A Norwegian Goes Solo { Børge Ousland Trek; Solo Across the Arctic; Solo}
    Solo Across the Arctic With animal instincts and high- tech gear, a Norwegian adventurer skis- and swims- from Russia to Canada. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY B0RGE OUSLAND
    Danube Delta { A Water World: The Danube Delta}
    Water World- the Danube Delta Preservation efforts gain ground in a rich haven for birds and fishermen. BY CLIFF TARPY PHOTOGRAPHS BY ED KASHI
    Murfreesboro, Arkansas: U- Dig Diamonds { ZipUSA: 71958: Finders Keepers; ZipUSA: Murfreesboro, Arkansas}
    ZipUSA: Murfreesboro, AR If Tiffany's busts the budget, try Crater of Diamonds State Park with five bucks, a shovel, and a prayer. BY ANDREW COCKBURN PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY
    Diamonds: The Real Story
    Diamonds: The Real Story Funneled through secretive net- works, these precious gems can carry a huge cost in human suffering. BY ANDREW COCKBURN PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY

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  • National Geographic April 2002

    Found: After 17 Years An Afghan Refugee's Story

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  • National Geographic May 2002

    Catfish Hunters: Guyana River Expedition { Catfish Hunters}
    Catfish Hunters Scientists surveying Guyana's rivers find fish species healthy for now, but waters run brown from mining. BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
    Italy's Po River { Po: River of Pain and Plenty}
    Italy's Po River Punished for centuries by destructive floods, northern Italians stubbornly embrace their nation's longest river, which nurtures rice fields, vineyards, fisheries- and legends. BY ERLA ZWINGLE PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
    Moths: In the Limelight { Uncommon Vision}
    Uncommon Vision Captivated by the beauty of moths, an artist uses digital scans to transform backyard fliers into fine art. BY LYNNE WARREN IMAGES BY JOSEPH SCHEER
    ZipUSA: Chicago's L { ZipUSA: 60614: Life by the Tracks; ZipUSA: Chicago, Illinois}
    ZipUSA: 60614 When Chicago's elevated trains rattle the win- dows, Lincoln Park neighbors just smile at each other, wave to the commuters, and return to their flower boxes and upscale cafes. BY SHANE DuBOW PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA BERMAN
    Challenges for Humanity { Food}
    FOOD: How Safe? How Altered? Mishandling products in the U. S. food supply- among the safest in the world- can make eating downright unhealthy. In our continuing Challenges for Humanity series, we also explore genetic engineering of food. Want disease- f
    The Race to Save Inca Mummies { Inca Rescue}
    Inca Rescue Racing against developers, archaeologists save a treasure: Peru's largest cache of mummies from a single time period along with weapons, ceramics, and elegant textiles. BY GUILLERMO A. COCK PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK MAP SUPPLEMENT: THE INCA


    THE INCA: MACHU PICCHU SALUTES THE SUN(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Included: Painting of Machu Picchu, one of a series of royal estates in the Urubamba Valley showing the narrow south gate, workers in the terraced fields, a warehouse, a sacred plaza near the Intiwatana ( the city' s highest point) , canal and one of 16
    THE INCA: AN EMPIRE AND ITS ANCESTORS(31 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches)
    Included: Main map shows empire at greatest extent with Inca roads, routes of the conquistadores, battles, ceremonial centers, ethnic groups; inset maps trace early Andean cultures, early empire builders, the rise of new empires, and an archaeological gu

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  • National Geographic June 2002

    Saluting the Troops
    Saluting the Troops Tiny Bedford, Virginia, lost 19 sons on D- Day, a sacrifice honored in a new national memorial. BY CLIFF TARPY PHOTOGRAPHS BY O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA
    Beast of the Boreal { Beasts of the Boreal: Wolverines}
    Beast of the Boreal Enter the deep forests of Finland and meet the misunderstood wolverine: shy, playful, and opportunistic. BY TOM O' NEILL PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANTTI LEINONEN
    Andes Empires { Empires Across the Andes}
    Andes Empires Building grand cities, temples, and roads, two powerful pre- Inca empires ruled the region. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Long Road Home: A Story of War and Revelation in Afghanistan
    Long Road Home An American photojournalist and her Islamist translator forge a friendship on Afghanistan's front lines. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY LOIS RAIMONDO
    Untold Stories of D- Day
    Untold Stories of D- Day A grand hoax, top secret maps, and live- ammunition rehearsals set the stage for June 6, 1944, when 200, 000 soldiers stormed Normandy's beaches to help free Europe. BY THOMAS B. ALLEN
    ZipUSA: 50012: Recipe: Remove Hundreds of Teenagers from Their Homes, Place Them in Three Dorms in the Middle of Iowa, Stir { ZipUSA: Ames, Iowa}
    ZipUSA: Ames, Iowa Quiet! can only be shouted after- hours in a mega college dorm awash in high- decibel music and video games. BY HILLEL J. HOFFMANN PHOTOGRAPHS BY SCOTT HOUSTON
    Jamestown { Unsettling Discoveries at Jamestown: Suffering and Surviving in 17th- century Virginia}
    Jamestown What happened to this early English settlement in the New World? Graves and a fort site provide surprising new clues. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK
    Boreal Forest { The Great Northern Forest}
    Great Northern Forest The reality of this immense boreal land grows ever harsher as a resource- hungry world gnaws its edges. BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER ESSICK


    . .. BECAUSE IT IS THERE: THE QUEST FOR EVEREST ( side 2)(20 3/4 x 29 1/2 inches)
    Included: Photos of the members of Team No Boundaries: Marjorie ( Midge) Cross, Lynn Prebble, Jody Thompson, Alison Levine, and Kim Clark; summaries of the team members' climbing highlights, thoughts on climbing, personal challenge, and participation in
    . .. BECAUSE IT IS THERE: THE QUEST FOR EVEREST ( side 1)(20 3/4 x 29 1/2 inches)
    Included: Map of Everest and surrounding area, showing routes used by principal expeditions. The mapping of Everest in 1988 was the vision of Bradford Washburn, was supported by the Society, and aided by many experts and institutions. ; Also included: Ho

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