2001 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2001

    ZipUSA: 85346: America's Largest Parking Lot { ZipUSA: Quartzsite, Arizona}
    ZipUSA: Quartzsite It's Nowhere, Arizona- until November. Then more than a million devotees of RVs roll in from all over for swap meets, socializing, and the sunset- painted sky. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY
    Ancient Ashkelon: Dead Men Do Tell Tales { Ashkelon: Ancient City of the Sea}
    Ancient Ashkelon From Canaanites to Crusaders, the city of Ashkelon was a strategic Mediterranean port for nearly 5, 000 years. BY RICK GORE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
    Beyond Gravity
    Beyond Gravity The year Arthur C. Clarke made famous is here. 2001's co- creator contemplates the third millennium. BY SIR ARTHUR CLARKE
    Japan's Imperial Palace: First Look Inside { Japan's Imperial Palace: Beyond the Moat}
    Japan's Imperial Palace The heart of Tokyo shelters the home of Emperor Akihito- a modern ruler who studies fish, writes poetry, and preserves the traditions of the world's oldest monarchy. BY ROBERT M. POOLE PHOTOGRAPHS BY SAM ABELL
    Great Barrier Reef: Australia's Coral Kingdom { Kingdom of Coral: Australia's Great Barrier Reef}
    Great Barrier Reef Largest structure on the planet built by living organisms, Australia's coral rampart hosts a carnival of sea life. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID DOUBILET
    Mummers Parade { Kings for a Day: A Century of Revelry in Philadelphia's Mummers Parade}
    Mummers Parade Fantasy and feathers rule in Philadelphia when New Year's revelers take to the streets in costumes fit for kings. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY VINCENT J. MUSI
    2001: The Body in Space, Surviving the Odyssey { Surviving in Space}
    Surviving in Space A voyage to Mars may be every astronaut's dream, but the health risks to even the most superbly conditioned Earthlings are formidable indeed. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY

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  • National Geographic February 2001

    Andes Journey { In the Shadow of the Andes: A Personal Journey}
    Andes Journey On familiar ground, an Ecuadorian explores lifeways shaped by the lofty range that spans a continent. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY PABLO CORRAL VEGA
    Bushmen: Last Stand for Southern Africa's First People
    Bushmen Southern Africa's hunter- gatherers seek a foothold. BY PETER GODWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRIS JOHNS
    Update From the Field: A Report From the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration
    Update From the Field Elephants, ice, and architecture- nothing escapes the purposeful gaze of the Society's research grantees.
    Jewel Scarabs
    Jewel Scarabs Gleaming beetles from Central America attract insect enthusiasts and offer hope for saving a priceless habitat. BY RONALD D. CAVE PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID HAWKS
    Mars { A Mars Never Dreamed Of}
    Mars As the Mars Global Surveyor beams home unprecedented images, our assumptions about the red planet explode. BY KATHY SAWYER IMAGES BY NASA/ IPL/ MALIN SPACE SCIENCE SYSTEMS Map Supplement: Mars Revealed
    New Jersey Meadowlands { Swamps of New Jersey: The Meadowlands}
    New Jersey Meadowlands Home to rivers of grass and rabid sports fans, a onetime trash heap shines in Manhattan's shadow. BY RICHARD CONNIFF PHOTOGRAPHS BY MELISSA FARLOW
    ZipUSA: 96795: The Hawaiians' Hawaii { ZipUSA: Waimanalo, Hawaii}
    ZipUSA: Waimanalo, Hawaii Outriggers rule in the Hawaiians' Hawaii. BY TOM O' NEILL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JODI COBB
    Paintings of the Spirit: Rock Art Opens a New Window Into the Bushman World
    Paintings of the Spirit Ancient rock art sheds light on the trance experiences of Bushman shamans. BY DAVID LEWIS- WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT


    Included: View from Pathfinder lander of the Ares Vallis showing Pathfinder' s rover, Sojourner, pressed up against the rock Yogi; illustrated time line shows epochs and the events that shaped the planet; a second timeline traces human interest in Mars b
    DESTINATION MARS(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Map is a mosaic of about thousand images taken since 1999 by the Mars Orbiter Camera ( MOC) on board Mars Global Surveyor. ; Included: Landing ( or crash) sites of U. S. and U. S. S. R. missions; table compares diameter, mass, surface area, surface gravi

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  • National Geographic March 2001

    Ancient Tombs of Peru: Pre- Inca Treasures { Moche Burials Uncovered}
    Moche Burials Uncovered Extravagant grave goods add to the mystery of this ancient people of Peru. BY CHRISTOPHER B. DONNAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT ART BY CHRISTOPHER A. KLEIN
    Palmyra Atoll { The Treasured Islands of Palmyra: Nature's Stronghold in the Pacific}
    Palmyra Atoll A Pacific island paradise, one of the world's premier seabird breeding sites, has won protection thanks to a private conservation group. BY ALEX CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
    America's Pioneer Naturalist: Legacy of William Bartram { William Bartram: A Naturalist's Vision of Frontier America}
    William Bartram An American naturalist explored the South just before the Revolutionary War and left a legacy of art and writ- ings that shaped a young nation's appreciation of its beauty. BY GLENN OELAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANNIE GRIFFITHS BELT
    ZipUSA: 81332: Make No Mistake About It, This Is NOT Telluride { ZipUSA: Rico, Colorado}
    ZipUSA: Rico, Colorado It could be the next Telluride, but for now this tiny mountain town likes its edges rough. BY CAROL HORNER PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
    Indonesia: Living Dangerously
    Indonesia Religious zealots and regional separatists force the issue: Can this far- flung nation hold together? BY TRACY DAHLBY PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEXANDRA BOULAT
    Extreme Africa: Trekking Through the Green Abyss { The Green Abyss: Megatransect, Part II}
    Megatransect II Pushing through the heart of the African jungle, ecologist Michael Fay continues his unprecedented trek. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
    The Clearing: National Geographic Photographer Michael Nichols Records an Isolated Wildlife Sanctuary Deep in the Congolese Jungle
    The Clearing Deep in the Congo a sunny glade attracts gorillas, elephants, antelope, and- for six weeks- a dogged photographer. ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS

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  • National Geographic April 2001

    Flower Trade: From Field to Vase, Fresh Blooms Travel a Winding Road
    Flower Trade High- tech hybrids, brand names, and the Internet invade a multibillion- dollar, world- girdling business once dominated by family farms and now coming up roses. BY VIVIENNE WALT PHOTOGRAPHS BY SISSE BRIMBERG
    Gypsies: The World's Outsiders { Gypsies: The Outsiders}
    Gypsies- The Outsiders Romanticized as free spirits, hounded for being different, the people who call themselves Roma fight for their place in a world where there are few welcome mats. BY PETER GODWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOMASZ TOMASZEWSKI
    Pharaohs of the Sun
    Pharaohs of the Sun Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti ruled Egypt just long enough to transform the empire's religion, art, and architecture. Digs at Amarna yield clues to their enigmatic dynasty. BY RICK GORE PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT Map Supplemen
    Harlem: Zip 10027- -Lookin' Good! { ZipUSA: 10027: Lookin' Good in Harlem; ZipUSA: Harlem, New York}
    ZipUSA: Harlem, New York Long a mecca for African Americans and foreign tourists, Harlem hits a high note as yuppies and developers sing its praises. Residents are a bit worried. BY CHARLES E. COBB, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
    Pursuing the Minke: The Most Abundant Baleen Whale is Still a Mystery to Science- -and a Target for Whalers
    Pursuing the Minke With a million of these sleek, fast- breeding creatures in the seas, whaling nations, led by Norway and Japan, urge an end to the 15- year- old ban on all commercial whaling. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY FLIP NICKLIN
    Columbia River: Forever Dammed? { A River Dammed}
    A River Dammed Columbia River salmon are in decline despite heroic measures to sustain them, and Pacific Northwesterners search their souls: Should some dams be dismantled to save the fish? BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY JIM RICHARDSON


    THE EGYPTIANS(20 1/4 x 31 1/4 inches)
    Included: Painting of the Amun- Re temple complex at Karnak, the temple of the goddess Mut outside the main precinct, and the distant temple of Luxor; the temple complex is shown during the Opet festival, an annual event when statues of the god Amun- Re,
    ANCIENT EGYPT(31 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches)
    Included: Map with historical notes, illustrated with photos of selected monuments, and indicating archaeological sites; eye of Horus from Tutankhamun' s tomb. ; Also included: Inset maps summarizing Egyptian history from 4500 to 1075 B. C. ; illustrated

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  • National Geographic May 2001

    Black Sea Discoveries: Startling Evidence of an Ancient Flood { Black Sea Mysteries; Deep Black Sea}
    Black Sea Mysteries Ancient shipwrecks and telltale shells bring to life epics of distant trade and a prehistoric flood. BY ROBERT D. BALLARD PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY OLSON
    [ Pterosaurs] { The Rise of Life on Earth: Pterosaurs, Lords of the Ancient Skies}
    Pterosaurs Largest animals that ever flew, pterosaurs ruled the skies for 150 million years before their sudden demise. BY RICHARD MONASTERSKY PHOTOGRAPHS BY JONATHAN BLAIR ART BY JOHN SIBBICK
    Jaguars: Phantoms of the Night { Phantom of the Night}
    Jaguars These elusive cats rank among Latin America's supreme predators. Conservationists seek to connect their isolated refuges. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE WINTER Web Special Watch wild jaguars being radio collared and hear the big cat
    The Fragile World of Frogs
    The Fragile World of Frogs Victims of pollution, disease, and habitat loss, amphibians are vanishing all over the globe. BY VIRGINIA MORELL PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE GRALL
    Marco Polo: Venice to China { The Adventures of Marco Polo, Part I}
    The Adventures of Marco Polo The storied Venetian trader escapes bandits, rampaging rivers, and sandstorms to reach the border of far- off China in this first of three articles. BY MIKE EDWARDS PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL YAMASHITA
    Deadly Haven: Mexico's Poisonous Cave
    Deadly Haven: Mexico's Poisonous Cave An under- world of hydrogen sulfide harbors life- forms awesome and awful. BY JOHN L. ELIOT PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHEN ALVAREZ
    ZipUSA: 87347: Down Home At the Truck Stop { ZipUSA: Jamestown, NM; ZipUSA: Jamestown, New Mexico}
    ZipUSA: Jamestown, NM Pull the rig into this mammoth truck stop and get a meal, a shower, and some spiritual renewal. BY MICHAEL E. LONG PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY

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  • National Geographic June 2001

    Asia's Last Lions

    Chile's Wild Coast

    Into the Land of Extremes

    Marco Polo II

    In China


    Finding Its Voice

    U.S.S. Arizona

    Oil and Honor at Pearl Harbor


    Eternal City of West Africa

    ZipUSA: 27513

    Cary, North Carolina's Big Small Town

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