1999 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1999

    Mars on Earth
    In the battered landscape of an impact crater, scientists in the Canadian Arctic find ideal ground for testing methods to explore the red planet.
    Grand Staircase- Escalante { Celebrating Canyon Country: Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument}
    The creation of Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument in southern Utah adds nearly two million acres of unsullied wilderness to the United States' cache of protected land.
    Iran: Testing the Waters of Reform
    After two decades under the ayatollahs, many Iranians yearn for greater freedom and less state control. Their champion, President Mohammad Khatami, nudges the country toward more openness but faces a deepening power struggle.
    Humpback Whales { Listening to Humpbacks}
    In every ocean on Earth humpbacks sing, socialize, and make journeys as long as the sea is wide. Scientists record the songs, chart the travels, and observe the family life of these endangered giants, whose numbers now seem to be increasing.
    The Quest for Color
    Battles raged over it, fortunes flowed from it, and songs and legends sprang from it. Today humans still scour the Earth - - and the laboratory - - for dyes and pigments to interpret and enhance their world.
    Hornbills { The Shrinking World of Hornbills}
    From Africa to Melanesia, hunting and habitat loss threaten the survival of regal birds that nest in a way that is all their own.

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  • National Geographic August 1999

    The Millennium Series/ Culture { Alexandria, Córdoba, and New York: Tale of Three Cities; Tale of Three Cities: Alexandria, Córdoba, and New York}
    Alexandria, Egypt, at the start of the first millennium
    The Power of Writing
    An invention whose impact is impossible to measure first appeared in Mesopotamia 5, 000 years ago. Using forms of writing from Maya glyphs to Chinese calligraphy, humans have chronicled history, lobbied for freedom, and expressed the emotions of the ages
    The Millennium Series/ Culture { Global Culture}
    As old patterns make way for new, our thinking and our ways of life become more urban, more cosmopolitan, less diverse. An introduction to this special issue.
    The Millennium Series/ Culture { Vanishing Cultures}
    Indigenous peoples have become the human equivalent of endangered species. Now many battle to save the things that define them: their lifeway, their language, and their land.
    The Millennium Series/ Culture { A World Together}
    With Internet use soaring and airfares falling, global exchange of information, products, and ideas has exploded. Will our cultural differences survive?
    Italy's Endangered Art: A Nation of Art Lovers Finds New Ways- -and Will- -to Save its Priceless Legacy
    In a place where Roman coins lie underfoot and Renaissance frescoes adorn countless ceilings, preserving art treasures from natural disasters and the ravages of time requires the effort of an entire nation.

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  • National Geographic September 1999

    Kashmir: Trapped in Conflict
    India, Pakistan, and Kashmiri separatists continue their increasingly dangerous struggle over Himalayan territory that once delighted residents and travelers alike.
    Around At Last!
    In March of this year, Swiss doctor Bertrand Piccard and British balloon instructor Brian Jones became the first balloonists to circle the globe nonstop. In an exclusive account, Piccard describes their journey.
    Galileo Mission { In the Court of King Jupiter}
    NASA's once troubled Jupiter spacecraft captures astounding images of the king of planets and its intriguing moons.
    Masai Initiation { Masai Passage to Manhood}
    In an elaborate, emotional ceremony Africa's Masai elevate warriors to the status of elders.
    Olive Oil, Elixir of the Gods
    The world is discovering what Mediterranean peoples have known for millennia: The salubrious oil of the olive is an essential ingredient of the good life.
    Preserving Sahara Art { Preserving the Sahara's Art; Preserving the Sahara's Prehistoric Art}
    Researchers make a cast of monumental giraffes carved into desert stone 7, 000 years ago in Niger.
    Rodeos- -Behind the Chutes
    Getting bruised and broken more for love than money, cowboys ride broncs, wrestle steers, and otherwise get their kicks at dirt rings across the U. S. and Canada.
    Hunting With Eagles { Mongolian Eagle Hunters; In the Mountains of Mongolia: Hunting With Eagles}
    On the high plateau of western Mongolia, ethnic Kazakhs practice a centuries- old tradition.

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  • National Geographic October 1999

    Trinidad, Cuba { Cuba's Colonial Treasure}
    Rich in 18th- century architecture, the small town of Trinidad has been acclaimed a World Heritage site.
    Last Dive of [ I- 52] { The Last Dive}
    In 1944 the Japanese submarine I- 52 made a fatal attempt to deliver precious cargo - - including tow tons of gold bound for the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. Three miles deep in the Atlantic, the wreck of the submarine yields a wealth of memories but no g
    George Mallory { Mystery on Everest}
    This spring the author found the body of the British mountaineer who disappeared 75 years ago while climbing Mount Everest. Was Mallory the first man to reach the summit?
    The Millennium Series/ Science { Science- -Asking Infinite Questions}
    From the matter that makes up the universe to the strands of DNA that make us who we are, scientists are steadily unlocking the secrets of the ages.
    The Millennium Series/ Science { Secrets of the Gene}
    As scientists race to crack the code of human life, breakthroughs in genetic research are yielding powerful new tools that hold shining promise and raise unsettling questions.
    The Millennium Series/ Science { The Universe; Unveiling the Universe}
    Astronomers claim the universe itself as their laboratory. Their subjects: black holes, exploding starts, and alien worlds that could harbor intelligent life.
    Valley of the Mummies
    Archaeologists at an Egyptian oasis have uncovered a vast burial site containing gilded mummies and stunning artifacts from a world that vanished nearly 1, 700 years ago.

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  • National Geographic November 1999

    Feathered Dinosaurs { Feathers for [ T. Rex] ? New Birdlike Fossils Are Missing Links in Dinosaur Evolution}
    Spectacular fossil finds from China and Mongolia provide important new links between birds and their dinosaur predecessors.
    Discovered High in the Andes- -Haunting Remains of an Inca Sacrifice { Frozen in Time; At 22, 000 Feet Children of Inca Sacrifice Found Frozen in Time}
    Three 500- year- old mummies unearthed on a 22, 000- foot peak in the Andes tell an extraordinary story of Inca worship and child sacrifice.
    Panama's Rite of Passage
    When the United States hands over the Panama Canal in December, Panama will be without its biggest benefactor and on its own for the first time.
    Tiger Sharks { Tigers in For the Kill}
    A feathered feast awaits the big predators in Hawaii when fledgling albatrosses take to sea.
    African Marriage Rituals
    Draped in silver or intricate bead jewelry, brides follow age- old traditions in elaborate wedding ceremonies from Morocco to South Africa.
    Iraq { Eyewitness Iraq}
    Oil- rich Iraq has spent a fortune on war, but the country's treasure - - among the largest petroleum reserves in the world - - has brought neither peace nor prosperity for the Iraqi people.
    Central American Hurricane { After the Deluge: Central America's Storm of the Century}
    Already sodden at the end of the rainy season, Central America was ripe for disaster when Hurricane Mitch struck last fall. Survivors recall the Atlantic's deadliest tempest in two centuries.

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  • National Geographic December 1999

    Ancient Greece { Echoes of the Heroic Age: Ancient Greece, Part I}
    Echoes of Homer's epic poem the Iliad emerge from Bronze Age sites around the Aegean Sea in the first of three articles about this legendary civilization.
    The Brothers Grimm: Guardians of the Fairy Tale
    Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood: The fairy- tale characters that have entered world culture came alive on paper in the early 1800s when Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected oral tales in their German homeland.
    Cheetahs: Ghosts of the Grasslands
    Hunted by ranchers, attacked by lions, and deprived of much of their African and Asian habitat, cheetahs in the wild number perhaps 12, 000. Can conservationists move quickly enough to protect the world's fastest land animal?
    The Millennium Series/ Geographic Century { Geographic Century: Expanding Human Vision}
    As the Society pushed the technological boundaries of photography, its staid research journal was transformed by arresting images of our world.
    The Millennium Series/ Geographic Century { Survey 2000: Charting Communities and Change}
    More than 80, 000 people from 178 countries and territories logged on to National Geographic's website to take our sociological survey. What they had to say may surprise you.
    The Florida Keys: Paradise With Attitude
    Paying the price of popularity, the South Florida island chain faces escalating real estate costs and degradation of the only living barrier reef in the continental U. S. But that hasn't stopped the party.

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