National Geographic November 1999


Feathered Dinosaurs { Feathers for [ T. Rex] ? New Birdlike Fossils Are Missing Links in Dinosaur Evolution}
Spectacular fossil finds from China and Mongolia provide important new links between birds and their dinosaur predecessors.
Discovered High in the Andes- -Haunting Remains of an Inca Sacrifice { Frozen in Time; At 22, 000 Feet Children of Inca Sacrifice Found Frozen in Time}
Three 500- year- old mummies unearthed on a 22, 000- foot peak in the Andes tell an extraordinary story of Inca worship and child sacrifice.
Panama’s Rite of Passage
When the United States hands over the Panama Canal in December, Panama will be without its biggest benefactor and on its own for the first time.
Tiger Sharks { Tigers in For the Kill}
A feathered feast awaits the big predators in Hawaii when fledgling albatrosses take to sea.
African Marriage Rituals
Draped in silver or intricate bead jewelry, brides follow age- old traditions in elaborate wedding ceremonies from Morocco to South Africa.
Iraq { Eyewitness Iraq}
Oil- rich Iraq has spent a fortune on war, but the country’s treasure – – among the largest petroleum reserves in the world – – has brought neither peace nor prosperity for the Iraqi people.
Central American Hurricane { After the Deluge: Central America’s Storm of the Century}
Already sodden at the end of the rainy season, Central America was ripe for disaster when Hurricane Mitch struck last fall. Survivors recall the Atlantic’s deadliest tempest in two centuries.

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