National Geographic October 1999


Trinidad, Cuba { Cuba’s Colonial Treasure}
Rich in 18th- century architecture, the small town of Trinidad has been acclaimed a World Heritage site.
Last Dive of [ I- 52] { The Last Dive}
In 1944 the Japanese submarine I- 52 made a fatal attempt to deliver precious cargo – – including tow tons of gold bound for the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. Three miles deep in the Atlantic, the wreck of the submarine yields a wealth of memories but no g
George Mallory { Mystery on Everest}
This spring the author found the body of the British mountaineer who disappeared 75 years ago while climbing Mount Everest. Was Mallory the first man to reach the summit?
The Millennium Series/ Science { Science- -Asking Infinite Questions}
From the matter that makes up the universe to the strands of DNA that make us who we are, scientists are steadily unlocking the secrets of the ages.
The Millennium Series/ Science { Secrets of the Gene}
As scientists race to crack the code of human life, breakthroughs in genetic research are yielding powerful new tools that hold shining promise and raise unsettling questions.
The Millennium Series/ Science { The Universe; Unveiling the Universe}
Astronomers claim the universe itself as their laboratory. Their subjects: black holes, exploding starts, and alien worlds that could harbor intelligent life.
Valley of the Mummies
Archaeologists at an Egyptian oasis have uncovered a vast burial site containing gilded mummies and stunning artifacts from a world that vanished nearly 1, 700 years ago.

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