1987 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1987

    Bangladesh Stops the Sea { They Stopped the Sea}
    In a model development project, described by its chief engineer Hans van Duivendijk, human muscle dams the Feni River in Bangladesh. Photographs by Pablo Bartholomew.
    Kathmandu, Crossroads of Nepal { At the Crossroads of Kathmandu: New Forces Challenge the Gods}
    With a spiritual strength honed by centuries of isolation, the Nepalese of Kathmandu Valley have opened their lives to the secular world and its distinctly modern problems. Douglas H. Chadwick and William Thompson report.
    Canada's Queen Charlotte Islands { Queen Charlotte Islands, Homeland of the Haida; Homeland of the Haida, Canada's Queen Charlotte Islands}
    Off Canada's west coast, Moira Johnston and Dewitt Jones record a logging controversy that both threatens and unites remnants of a proud people fighting to save their heritage.
    Life of the Timber Rattlesnake { Hidden Life of the Timber Rattler}
    Herpetologist William S. Brown and photographer Bianca Lavies portray a little- known, beleaguered reptile whose habitat in the eastern United States is shrinking.
    The Prodigious Soybean
    This ubiquitous legume keeps cropping up in more places than we can imagine. Fred Hapgood and photographer Chris Johns trace its history and assess its potential to help feed a hungry world.
    The Great Lakes' Troubled Waters
    Forty million people along the shores of the world's greatest freshwater seas are battling twin hazards of record high water and continuing pollution, Charles E. Cobb, Jr. , finds. Photographs by Bob Sacha and Richard Olsenius, plus a double map supplem

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  • National Geographic August 1987

    Rock Art in the Sahara { Oasis of Art in the Sahara}
    Ethno- archeologist Henri Lhote interprets rock paintings in a mysterious gallery created by prehistoric peoples of Algeria. Photographs by Kazuyoshi Nomachi.
    Africa's Stricken Sahel { Africa's Sahel: The Stricken Land}
    Catastrophe looms for an abused realm on the Sahara's southern fringe. William S. Ellis and photographer Steve McCurry report on the high tragedy of land on the way to being desert.
    The Hudson's Bay Company: Canada's Fur- Trading Empire { Canada's Fur- Trading Empire: Three Centuries of the Hudson's Bay Company}
    Once the largest corporate landowner in the world, the Bay remains the oldest chartered company anywhere. Peter C. Newman and photographer Kevin Fleming assess the fortunes of the Company of Adventures.
    Giants of the Wilderness: Alaskan Moose
    Will the politics of wilderness management versus hunters' rights affect the fate of the moose? Biologist Victor Van Ballenberghe and photographer Michio Hoshino offer their views on this majestic animal of Alaska's wilds.
    Indianapolis on the Rebound { Indianapolis: City on the Rebound}
    Yesterday's Naptown is wide awake and ready for action, with a sporty new look and plenty of civic pride. By Louise E. Levathes, with photographs by Sandy Felsenthal.

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  • National Geographic September 1987

    The Iroquois: Keepers of the Fire { Living Iroquois Confederacy; The Fire That Never Dies }
    Proud descendants of once powerful Indian nations hold fast to their heritage. Harvey Arden and photographer Steve Wall chronicle the storied past and uncertain future of these keepers of The Fire That Never Dies.
    Cameroon's Killer Lake { Silent Death from Cameroon's Killer Lake}
    A cloud of carbon dioxide burst from a West African lake one August night in 1986, and 1, 700 people died. Curt Stager describes the search for the cause; photos by Anthony Suau.
    Exploring a Vast Maya City, El Mirador { El Mirador: An Early Maya Metropolis Uncovered}
    Was this one of America's first great cities? Archaeologist Ray T. Matheny's excavations at a 2, 000- year- old site in the Guatemalan jungle have led him to new theories about the roots of Maya civilization. Paintings by T. W. Rutledge.
    Jade: Stone of Heaven
    More revered than gold in antiquity, this stone of rainbow hues lures seekers to remote places. Author- photographer Fred Ward documents jade's special place in history and art.
    James Madison, Architect of the Constitution
    A Virginia politician- scholar was the driving force and design master behind the document whose 200th birthday we now honor. Alice J. Hall brings to light little- known aspects of the unassuming Madison. Photos by Sam Abell.

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  • National Geographic October 1987

    North Carolina's Outer Banks: Awash in Change
    Wind and sea endlessly contour the shores and barrier islands of North Carolina. Lately man has added a controversial hand, says Charles E. Cobb, Jr. Photos by David Alan Harvey.
    Baltistan: 20th- Century Shangri- La { Baltistan- -The 20th Century Comes to Shangri- la}
    Brought by warfare that still sputters, the modern age is fast transforming this remote Karakoram mountain realm, as Galen and Barbara Cushman Rowell discover.
    Women of Arabia { Women of Saudi Arabia}
    Caught up in modernization, Saudi Arabia's culture still sequesters the lives of its women, according to an American who has lived there, Marianne Alireza. Photographs by Jodi Cobb.
    Results of the Smell Survey { The Smell Survey: Its Results; The Smell Survey Results}
    A year ago some 1. 5 million Society members responded to a study of the least understood human sense. Researchers Avery N. Gilbert and Charles J. Wysocki discuss the findings.
    Epilogue for [ Titanic]
    Robert D. Ballard explains an extraordinary 108- photo mosaic, two years in the making, showing the sunken ship at rest on the seafloor. Paintings by Ken Marshall depict Ballard's exploration of the doomed liner.
    The Man Who Made Time Stand Still { Doc Edgerton- -The Man Who Made Time Stand Still}
    Harold E. Doc Edgerton, pioneer of the strobe flash, has changed the way we look at the world. A profile by Erla Zwingle, with photographs by Edgerton and Bruce Dale.

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  • National Geographic November 1987

    The Making Of America: West Indies

    Suleyman - The Magnificent

    New Mexico: Between Frontier And Future

    Scorpionfish: Danger In Disguise

    Haiti - Against All Odds

    La Navidad, Columbus's Lost Colony

    The Pumphouse Gang Moves To A New Land

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  • National Geographic December 1987

    Sea Change in the Sea Islands: Nowhere to Lay Down Weary Head
    Cultural traditions brought from Africa and a Creole language called Gullah erode under the impact of resort development along the South Carolina and Georgia coast, Charles L. Blockson finds. Photographs by Karen Kasmauski.
    Oldest Known Shipwreck Reveals Bronze Age Splendors { Oldest Known Shipwreck Reveals Splendors of the Bronze Age}
    Sailing an ancient trade network, a ship sank off Turkey some 3, 400 years ago. Now marine archaeologist George F. Bass excavates and, with photographer Bill Curtsinger, reports on an unprecedented trove of pottery, weapons, and copper and tin ingots.
    What Is This Thing Called Sleep?
    Familiar yet mysterious, sleep still baffles the experts. Michael E. Long and photographer Louie Psihoyos investigate crib death, breathing disorders, nightmares, narcolepsy, and other ailments that make sleep hazardous to your health.
    A Journey Through Tibet { Nomads' Land: A Journey Through Tibet}
    Sorrel Wilby, a young Australian, walks 1, 800 miles across western Tibet and gets more than she bargained for in snow blindness, blisters, and understanding.
    Red Crabs of Christmas Island { Red Crabs on the March on Christmas Island}
    Swarming over a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, millions of crustaceans undertake an annual march to the sea, tidying the landscape and invading houses along their route. By conservationist John W. Hicks.

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