National Geographic October 1987


North Carolina’s Outer Banks: Awash in Change
Wind and sea endlessly contour the shores and barrier islands of North Carolina. Lately man has added a controversial hand, says Charles E. Cobb, Jr. Photos by David Alan Harvey.
Baltistan: 20th- Century Shangri- La { Baltistan- -The 20th Century Comes to Shangri- la}
Brought by warfare that still sputters, the modern age is fast transforming this remote Karakoram mountain realm, as Galen and Barbara Cushman Rowell discover.
Women of Arabia { Women of Saudi Arabia}
Caught up in modernization, Saudi Arabia’s culture still sequesters the lives of its women, according to an American who has lived there, Marianne Alireza. Photographs by Jodi Cobb.
Results of the Smell Survey { The Smell Survey: Its Results; The Smell Survey Results}
A year ago some 1. 5 million Society members responded to a study of the least understood human sense. Researchers Avery N. Gilbert and Charles J. Wysocki discuss the findings.
Epilogue for [ Titanic]
Robert D. Ballard explains an extraordinary 108- photo mosaic, two years in the making, showing the sunken ship at rest on the seafloor. Paintings by Ken Marshall depict Ballard’s exploration of the doomed liner.
The Man Who Made Time Stand Still { Doc Edgerton- -The Man Who Made Time Stand Still}
Harold E. Doc Edgerton, pioneer of the strobe flash, has changed the way we look at the world. A profile by Erla Zwingle, with photographs by Edgerton and Bruce Dale.

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