National Geographic September 1987


The Iroquois: Keepers of the Fire { Living Iroquois Confederacy; The Fire That Never Dies }
Proud descendants of once powerful Indian nations hold fast to their heritage. Harvey Arden and photographer Steve Wall chronicle the storied past and uncertain future of these keepers of The Fire That Never Dies.
Cameroon’s Killer Lake { Silent Death from Cameroon’s Killer Lake}
A cloud of carbon dioxide burst from a West African lake one August night in 1986, and 1, 700 people died. Curt Stager describes the search for the cause; photos by Anthony Suau.
Exploring a Vast Maya City, El Mirador { El Mirador: An Early Maya Metropolis Uncovered}
Was this one of America’s first great cities? Archaeologist Ray T. Matheny’s excavations at a 2, 000- year- old site in the Guatemalan jungle have led him to new theories about the roots of Maya civilization. Paintings by T. W. Rutledge.
Jade: Stone of Heaven
More revered than gold in antiquity, this stone of rainbow hues lures seekers to remote places. Author- photographer Fred Ward documents jade’s special place in history and art.
James Madison, Architect of the Constitution
A Virginia politician- scholar was the driving force and design master behind the document whose 200th birthday we now honor. Alice J. Hall brings to light little- known aspects of the unassuming Madison. Photos by Sam Abell.

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