National Geographic July 1987


Bangladesh Stops the Sea { They Stopped the Sea}
In a model development project, described by its chief engineer Hans van Duivendijk, human muscle dams the Feni River in Bangladesh. Photographs by Pablo Bartholomew.
Kathmandu, Crossroads of Nepal { At the Crossroads of Kathmandu: New Forces Challenge the Gods}
With a spiritual strength honed by centuries of isolation, the Nepalese of Kathmandu Valley have opened their lives to the secular world and its distinctly modern problems. Douglas H. Chadwick and William Thompson report.
Canada’s Queen Charlotte Islands { Queen Charlotte Islands, Homeland of the Haida; Homeland of the Haida, Canada’s Queen Charlotte Islands}
Off Canada’s west coast, Moira Johnston and Dewitt Jones record a logging controversy that both threatens and unites remnants of a proud people fighting to save their heritage.
Life of the Timber Rattlesnake { Hidden Life of the Timber Rattler}
Herpetologist William S. Brown and photographer Bianca Lavies portray a little- known, beleaguered reptile whose habitat in the eastern United States is shrinking.
The Prodigious Soybean
This ubiquitous legume keeps cropping up in more places than we can imagine. Fred Hapgood and photographer Chris Johns trace its history and assess its potential to help feed a hungry world.
The Great Lakes’ Troubled Waters
Forty million people along the shores of the world’s greatest freshwater seas are battling twin hazards of record high water and continuing pollution, Charles E. Cobb, Jr. , finds. Photographs by Bob Sacha and Richard Olsenius, plus a double map supplem

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