National Geographic August 1987


Rock Art in the Sahara { Oasis of Art in the Sahara}
Ethno- archeologist Henri Lhote interprets rock paintings in a mysterious gallery created by prehistoric peoples of Algeria. Photographs by Kazuyoshi Nomachi.
Africa’s Stricken Sahel { Africa’s Sahel: The Stricken Land}
Catastrophe looms for an abused realm on the Sahara’s southern fringe. William S. Ellis and photographer Steve McCurry report on the high tragedy of land on the way to being desert.
The Hudson’s Bay Company: Canada’s Fur- Trading Empire { Canada’s Fur- Trading Empire: Three Centuries of the Hudson’s Bay Company}
Once the largest corporate landowner in the world, the Bay remains the oldest chartered company anywhere. Peter C. Newman and photographer Kevin Fleming assess the fortunes of the Company of Adventures.
Giants of the Wilderness: Alaskan Moose
Will the politics of wilderness management versus hunters’ rights affect the fate of the moose? Biologist Victor Van Ballenberghe and photographer Michio Hoshino offer their views on this majestic animal of Alaska’s wilds.
Indianapolis on the Rebound { Indianapolis: City on the Rebound}
Yesterday’s Naptown is wide awake and ready for action, with a sporty new look and plenty of civic pride. By Louise E. Levathes, with photographs by Sandy Felsenthal.

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