National Geographic June 1990


Greenways: Paths to the Future
A grass- roots movement to thread the U. S. with greenways for walkers, bikers, and wildlife is one answer to a growing problem: How to keep our increasingly urbanized population connected with the natural world. By Noel Grove, with photographs by Phil S
The Moche of Ancient Peru { Master Craftsmen and Their Work; Masterworks of Art Reveal a Remarkable Pre- Inca World}
Who were the Moche, these builders of pyramids and irrigation canals, these metal craftsmen and potters of surpassing artistry? Archaeologist Christopher B. Donnan examines these ancient Americans and their achievements. With photographs by Nathan Benn;
The Moche of Ancient Peru { Echoes of Peru’s Past; Modern- day Echoes of Peru’s Past; Enduring Echoes of Peru’s Past}
Along Peru’s northern coast Michael E. Long and Nathan Benn discover the past and the present intermingled in activities from curing ceremonies to boatbuilding.
The Moche of Ancient Peru { New Moche Tomb: Royal Splendor in Peru; New Royal Tomb Unearthed; New Tomb of Royal Splendor}
A mud- brick pyramid complex in northern Peru has yielded another astonishing find of gold and silver buried with a Moche lord nearly 2, 000 years ago. Project director Walter Alva and photographer Nathan Benn record the trove of priceless artifacts.
Photographing the World’s Smallest Bird { The World’s Smallest Bird}
Weighing less than a penny, the bee hummingbird of Cuba is easily mistaken for its namesake insect. Esther and Robert Tyrrell photograph this threatened species for the first time.
Dominica, Difficult Paradise { Dominica}
The most mountainous of Caribbean islands harbors one of the world’s last oceanic rain forests. Yet the wet climate and rocky shores have hindered the flow of tourists – – and money – – to this impoverished nation, report Robert Booth and photographer B
Austin: Deep in the Heart of Texans
Texas- raised Elizabeth A. Moize returns to the capital of the Lone Star State to learn why most Austinites – – despite their city’s recent economic slump – – would live nowhere else on earth. Photographs by Michael O’ Brien.

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