National Geographic December 1990


Mexico’s Heartland- -the Bajío { Mexico’s Bajío- -The Heartland}
Geographic and historic center of Mexico, these high, fertile plains were both the source of wealth for imperial Spain and the sage for rebellion against her. The flavor of colonial days survives here despite the intrusive influence of U. S. industry and
Botswana { Modern Botswana, the Adopted Land; Botswana, the Adopted Land}
Fortune has favored this young nation, whose immense diamond deposits were discovered shortly after independence in 1966. A tradition of democracy boosts its chances for success in a politically turbulent continent. Arthur Zich and photographer Peter E;
The Peales: America’s First Family of Art
Charles Willson Peale inspired a new nation – – and his own gifted children – – with his portraits of statesmen and his promotion of natural history, art, and science. Otto Friedrich traces his expansive life and legacy. Photographs by Kevin Fleming.
Botswana { A Gathering of Waters and Wildlife}
Nature photographer Frans Lanting offers provocative glimpses of the life and landscapes of the great thirstland.
Botswana { Okavango Delta: Old Africa’s Last Refuge}
Stretching across northwestern Botswana, the liquid lifeline of the Okavango River ensures the survival of countless wildlife species. Big- game hunting of that renewable resource, though controversial, provides much- needed income. Douglas B. Lee and Fr

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