National Geographic February 1982


Treasure From the Ghost Galleon: [ Santa Margarita]
Veteran salvor Mel Fisher pursues his search for sunken treasure off Florida’s Marquesas Keys. Despite legal battles and personal losses, he finds the Santa Margarita, a golden galleon whose total value may reach 20 million dollars. Text by Eugene Lyon;
The Nectar Connection { Hummingbirds: The Nectar Connection}
Hummingbirds make a beeline for flowers that offer a sweet reward with a liberal dusting of pollen. Biologist Paul W. Ewald and photographer Robert A. Tyrrell show how bird and blossom exchange flowers.
Nomads of China’s West
Journeying to China’s remote Qinghai Province to climb 20, 610- foot Anyemaqen, Galen Rowell and photographer Harold A. Knutson also visit the fiercely independent Golog people.
Egypt’s Desert of Promise
Underground water may seem someday green half a million acres of the Western Desert, driest part of the Sahara. Geologist Farouk El- Baz and photographer George Gerster report on the strategic wasteland between Libya and the Nile.
John J. Putnam retraces the life and campaigns of the brilliant opportunist who made all Europe tremble as he lifted France to unprecedented power and glory – – only to die in lonely, bitter exile. Photographs by Gordon W. Gahan.
Palau’s Strange Salt Lakes { Strange World of Palau’s Salt Lakes}
Mystifying oceans- in- miniature lure marine biologist William M. Hamner and photographer David Doubilet to this Pacific archipelago.

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