Destinations: Yellowstone To Yukon

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Destinations: Yellowstone To Yukon

Crossroads of wild nature and a rapidly growing human presence, Yellowstone to Yukon–Y2Y for short–is both a biogeographical region and a conservation initiative. It encompasses nearly half a million square miles along the craggy Northern Rockies, most of it above 3,500 feet. Y2Y’s limited lowlands provide prime winter range for numerous wildlife species–as well as prime ranchland and prime building sites for vacation homes. Wildlife biologist and acclaimed author Douglas H. Chadwick takes you on a voyage of personal discovery as he chronicles the burgeoning threats that face the region–and the promise embodied by Y2Y.


Format: Hardcover, 200 Pages

Published: 2000

ISBN: 0-7922-7863-1

Condition: Used

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