National Geographic September 1985


Sichuan: China Changes Course { Sichuan: Where China Changes Course}
Traveling through China’s most populous province, Ross Terrill and photographer Cary Wolinsky discover a new spirit of individualism and private enterprise flourishing.
Home to Kansas
Oceans of wheat share prominence with aviation, mental health clinics, and grass- roots politics, native son Cliff Tarpy reports. With photographs by Cotton Coulson.
Sailing in Jason’s Wake { Jason’s Voyage: In Search of the Golden Fleece}
Adventurer Tim Severin and his crew of 20th- century Argonauts said in the wake of the mythical navigator on his grand quest. Photographs by John Egan and Seth Mortimer.
Eritrea in Rebellion { Eritrea: Region in Rebellion}
In northern Ethiopia, Marxists fight Marxists in a bloody war whose only winners are famine and disease. Photojournalist Anthony Suau reports on the suffering.
Alexander von Humboldt, Geographic Pioneer { Humboldt’s Way: Pioneer of Modern Geography}
A man of unrivaled curiosity, Alexander von Humboldt explored Spanish America and wrote towering 19th- century scientific works. Loren McIntyre follows the German baron’s New World travels from Orinoco jungles to meetings with President Thomas Jefferson

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