National Geographic September 1941


Housekeeping for a Geographic Expedition { Jungle Housekeeping for a Geographic Expedition}
The housekeeper and bookkeeper for three archaeological expeditions to Mexico, describes daily life in the jungle.
Expedition Unearths Buried Masterpieces of Carved Jade
Excavating in southern Mexico for three years, archaeologists found stone figures, altars, human skulls, and the largest cache of jade yet discovered in the Americas.
Desolate Greenland, Now an American Outpost
These photographs show ice- covered Greenland, home to a temporary American military base.
New Map of the Atlantic Ocean: Foremost Sea of Commerce Becomes World’s Battleground and Its Peaceful Islands Rise to Strategic Importance
As the fighting in Europe escalates, the National Geographic Society announces a detailed map of the Atlantic Ocean to help elucidate events of the war.
Cruise of the [ Kinkajou] : Among Desert Islands of Mexico Voyagers Find Outdoor Laboratories for the Naturalist and Ideal Fishing Grounds for the Sportsman
On a schooner, biologists explore the Pacific coast of Baja California, observing elephant seals, birds, and rock formations on the Mexican peninsula.
On the Turks’ Russian Frontier: Everyday Life in the Fastnesses between the Black Sea and Ararat, Borderland of Oil and Minerals that Hitler Covets
In northeast Turkey, near the Russian border, Turkish citizens maintain quiet, prosperous lives, buying and selling hazelnuts, fish, tobacco, and cattle.
Ships That Guard Our Ocean Ramparts
These watercolor illustrations bring to life the United States Navy’s powerful battleships, submarines, and airplanes known as patrol bombers.

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