National Geographic December 1940


Canoeing Down the River Jordan: Voyagers in Rubber Boats Find the Bible Stream Little Tamed Today as It Plunges to the Dead Sea Over the Earth’s Lowest River Bed
Rocks, rapids, and venomous snakes threaten a canoe expedition down the Jordan River, which remains almost unchanged since biblical times.
New United States Map Shows Census Changes
With data from the 1940 census, the National Geographic Society’s ten- color map of the United States shows new national parks, dams, and expanded city boundaries.
Aviation in Commerce and Defense
Since the Wright brothers’ first flight in 1903, air travel has become commonplace, and advanced airplanes are being developed for military use.
In the Realms of the Maharajas
Traveling in a 40- foot trailer, an expedition courses past India’s tea plantations and resplendent architecture and encounters a jungle tiger.
Old- New Battle Grounds of Egypt and Libia
Site of conflict for centuries, northern Egypt and Libia ( Libya) are once again a stage for struggle. This time, Britain and Italy fight for control of the Suez Canal.

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