National Geographic September 1900


Colonial Government in Borneo
British rule in Borneo has enjoyed much success in creating a stable colonial government that includes and represents native inhabitants. The author urges America to follow the British example in governing our newly acquired territorial possessions.
The Colorado Desert
The author investigates the bizarre and curious features found in the southern portion of the Colorado Desert, parts of which were, in recent geological times, covered by an arm of the sea and then by a large freshwater lake.
The Water Supply for the Nicaragua Canal
The author dismisses as absurd claims that the water level of Lake Nicaragua has dropped significantly in recent years.
The Chinese Paradox
The author argues that the crisis in China is the result of a paradox in international relations: Because Western representatives did not assert their authority, the Chinese became convinced that they, not the colonial powers, held the position of streng
The Great Wall of China
One of the world’s great wonders, the Great Wall stands as a formidable military obstacle and an even greater monument to skilled engineering.
The Yangtze Valley and Beyond { Mrs. Bishop’s The Yangtze Valley and Beyond }
An indefatigable traveler, Mrs. Bishop ventures off the beaten path in China. She encounters filth and hostility as well as beauty, on her journey through regions never visited by Europeans.
Forest Reserves of the United States
An area larger than the six New England states combined has been set aside by Congress for forest preservation. An evaluation of these lands discusses how these resources might best be developed.

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