National Geographic October 2000


Across the Heart of Africa: A Conservationist’s Yearlong Trek { Megatransect: Across 1, 200 Miles of Untamed Africa on Foot}
A conservationist sets out to survey 1, 200 miles of African jungle the old- fashioned way – on foot – in the first of a three- pat series of articles.
New Eyes on the Oceans: Deep Sea Vents { Deep Sea Vents: Science At the Extreme}
Dramatic new imagery from the Pacific seafloor reveals abundant life in a world without sunlight.
Fossil Trail { Report to Members: Archaeoraptor Fossil Trail}
Our November 1999 issue showcased a missing linkbetween dinosaurs and birds that fooled us all.
New Eyes On the Oceans
Riding a wave of new technology, scientists are discovering more of the oceans’secrets, including the integral role the seas play in shaping our climate.
Sky- High Over the Sonoran { A Special Place: Sky- High Over the Sonoran}
Sculpted by wind and water, this intriguing North American desert reveals itself from aloft.
Wild Gliders of Borneo { Wild Gliders: The Creatures of Borneo’s Rain Forest Go Airborne}
A melange of creatures in Borneo’s rain forest have evolved gravity- defying means of travel.
Boston’s North Enders: Keeping the Faith in Little Italy { Boston’s North Enders}
In the face of change, tight- knit Little Italy keeps the accent of good friends and good food.

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