National Geographic May 2000


[ Silver Queen] { Queen of the African Sky}
In 1920 two pioneering aviators completed the first aerial journey from England to the southern tip of Africa. Modern adventurers attempt to reenact this deed of derring- do.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse { Tall Order: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Makes Tracks}
This Outer Banks beacon shines again after a half- mile retreat from the advancing Atlantic surf.
Mount St. Helens: Nature on Fast Forward
Herds of elk now flow past stands of alder 20 years after eruptions ravaged 230 square miles of the Pacific Northwest.
New Caledonia: France’s Untamed Pacific Outpost
The Pacific isles of New Caledonia make their mark on the world with a wealth of plant species found nowhere else.
In Search of Vikings
Viking seafarers – raider, traders, craftsmen – burst from Scandinavia in the eighth century, carrying their freewheeling pagan ways from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Aral Sea.
Ants and Plants- -Tree Fortresses
Tropical ant plantsrecruit armies of loyal insect defenders by providing tasty rations and barracks fit for a queen
New Finds in South Africa { The Dawn of Humans: New Finds in South Africa}
Exploring the hills close to home, not far from Johannesburg, South African geologist Andre Keyser made the find of his career – Drimolen, among the richest hominid sites in Africa
Denmark’s Mystery Ships { Mystery Ships From a Danish Bog}
Sleek, oar- powered vessels teach archaeologists about Scandinavian raiders who were pillaging coastal towns 450 years before the Viking age began.

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