National Geographic February 2000


The Rise of Life on Earth { The Rise of Life on Earth- -Messel: Window on an Ancient World}
Forty- nine million years ago dinosaurs were long extinct and mammals on the ascent. Species of that time have been remarkably preserved in a mine pit at Messel, Germany.
Albanians: A People Undone
Scattered from the Balkans to the Bronx, Albanians hold fast to what they have left – an impoverished Eastern European homeland and deep ethnic pride.
Ancient Greece II { Ascent to Glory: Ancient Greece, Part II}
Elegant proportions and riotous color, tragedy and comedy, democracy and slavery: The roots and realities of the Classical Age belie our assumptions in the second of a three- part series.
Black Dragon River: On the Edge of Empires
A narrow ribbon of water separates two worlds that could hardly be more different: an impoverished corner of Russia and China’s economically energized Heilongjiang Province.
Eyewitness Kosovo
During the grim months before NATO intervened in Kosovo, a French photographer witnessed the anguish and upheaval of the Balkans’ recurring bloodbath.
Selma to Montgomery: The Road to Equality
A 1965 protest march from a small Alabama city to the state capital sparked Congress to ensure protection of black Americans’ right to vote.
Orphan Gorillas: Fighting to Survive in the Wild { Central Africa’s Orphan Gorillas: Will They Survive in the Wild? }
In Congo and Gabon dedicated workers evaded civil war to nurture, socialize, and ultimately release western lowland gorillas back into the wild.

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