National Geographic October 1979


The Rewards of Walrus- watching { Learning the Ways of the Walrus}
In boats and across pack ice, biologist G. Carleton Ray follows the summer migrations of gregarious arctic giants, gaining knowledge that may help their survival. Photographs by Bill Curtsinger.
Skylab’s Fiery End { Skylab’s Fiery Finish}
Stunning reentry pictures accompany Australian Tom Riggert’s account of Skylab’s homecoming.
Pilgrimage Through Two Englands { Two Englands}
When crisis and crowds weary the spirit of the English, they find renewal in the beauty and traditions of their timeless land. By Allan C. Fisher, Jr. , with photographs by Cary Wolinsky. A double supplement map portrays modern Britain and medieval Engl;
Along the Great Divide
From Mexico to Canada, Mike Edwards discovers the splendors of our newest national scenic trail. Photographs by Nicholas DeVore III.
Scenic Guilin Links China’s Past and Present { Guilin, China’s Beauty Spot}
W. E. Garrett visits a Chinese tourist center in a region renowned for its beauty since ancient times.
Miracles of Fiber Optics { Fiber Optics: Harnessing Light by a Thread}
Light caroming through pliable, hair- thin strands can carry a flood of messages or let doctors look inside an ailing patient. By Allen A. Boraiko and photographer Fred Ward.

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