National Geographic May 1970


Businessman in the Bush
Fourteen years after he retired, author Frederick Kent Truslow continues to hone his skills as a wildlife photographer specializing in the behavior of North American birds.
Isles on the Edge of the Sea: Scotland’s Outer Hebrides
Off the northwest coast of Scotland, Gaelic- speaking villagers consider English a second language. The island of Barra inspired the author’s father, Archibald MacLeish, to write a poem included here.
Yugoslavia: Six Republics in One
Separated by language, culture, and religion, six diverse areas are joined under President Tito into a communist state unlike any other.
In Search of Man’s Past at Lake Rudolf
In northern Kenya, a son of Louis S. B. Leakey discovers two skulls of Australopithecus boisei and what may be the oldest stone tools to date.

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