National Geographic October 1971


The Ganges, River of Faith
Millions of Hindus engage in sacred rites along the 1, 560- mile course of the Ganges, from icy Himalayan headwaters to the Bay of Bengal.
Return of the Sea Otter
The marine mammal almost wiped out by early fur traders makes a comeback off the California coast.
Will Oil and Tundra Mix? Alaska’s North Slope Hangs in the Balance
The discovery of oil brings workers and equipment to America’s frozen northland and arouses fears for the last great wilderness in the U. S.
More Years With Mountain Gorillas
A new image of gentle creatures emerges from Dian Fossey’s years- long study of the great apes of Central Africa.
Hong Kong, Saturday’s Child
Emporium of capitalism on the doorstep of communist China, Great Britain’s crown colony draws Chinese refugees, businessmen, sailors, and tourists to a land of opportunity.

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