National Geographic January 1972


The Imperiled Everglades
Fire spawned by Florida’s worst drought adds to a water crisis threatening life in the great national park.
Belize, the Awakening Land
The last British possession on the American mainland, British Honduras awaits independence this year as the nation of Belize.
Taboos and Magic Rule Namba Lives
Rugged terrain of Malekula Island isolates these traditional Melanesian people in the New Hebrides, where superstition prevails.
Chelsea, London’s Haven of Individualists
Eccentricity prevails in the onetime village that has always attracted writers, artists, designers, and the intelligentsia.
Who Says Fish Can’t Climb Trees?
Mudskippers in the mangrove swamps of Southeast Asia shinny up trees and live out of water for hours.
New Zealand’s Bountiful South Island
Bright harvests of wheat, barley, and potatoes help the nation achieve self- sufficiency in food.

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