National Geographic October 1958


Nature Carves Fantasies in Bryce Canyon: Out of Utah’s Pink Cliffs, Erosion Has Sculptured a Many- hued Amphitheater Filled with Castles and Animals, Plants and People
Weather- eroded rock formations in Utah inspire names like Queen Victoria, Hindu Temples, and Three Wise Men.
Theodore Roosevelt: A Centennial Tribute { Theodore Roosevelt}
A U. S. President lived his passion for geography through daring explorations, foreign policy initiatives, and groundbreaking preservation efforts.
Iraq- -Where Oil and Water Mix: An Arabian Nights Land, Spotlighted in a World Crisis, Draws On Its Vast Resources to Build for the Future
Under a dark cloud of political tensions, Iraq builds toward modern ways with oil wealth.
Flight of the Platypuses: A Worried Zoologist Takes Three of Australia’s Egg- laying Duckbills on a Harrowing 10, 000- mile Journey to the Bronx Zoo
Three stress- sensitive, young duck- billed platypuses, and their zoologist escort, survive a nerve- racking airline trip from their Australian home to New York’s Bronx Zoo.
The Islands Called Fiji: Men Walk on Fiery Rocks and Women Sing to Turtles in Britain’s Pacific Colony
Luis Marden travels to the South Pacific to discover what has become of history’s cannibals.
Switzerland’s Once- in- a- Generation Festival: Vevey, a Town Famous for Wine, Stages a Gay Celebration Honoring the Vinegrowers Who Have Brought it Prosperity
Vineyard owners bedecked with gilded vine leaves are the guests of honor for Vevey’s spectacle of music and dance, celebrating the wine grape.

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