National Geographic February 1950


Strange Courtship of Birds of Paradise
Males woo potential mates with flashy plumes and elaborate courtship dances in their native Papua New Guinea.
Kunming Pilgrimage/strong>
A photo essay shows Chinese pilgrims celebrating the Lunar New Year by hiking to the mountaintop temples of Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province.
Exploring Ancient Panama by Helicopter
The 1949 joint National Geographic Society- Smithsonian Institution expedition to Panama found helicopters an ideal way to travel from site to site, as the archaeologists focused on the prehistory of the Veraguas Province.
So Much Happens Along the Ohio River
Everything from manufacturing to agriculture, sports to opera has a place along the banks of the Ohio River.
Poor Little Rich Land- -Formosa { Formosa- -Hot Spot of the East}
The island of Formosa ( Taiwan) experienced a population surge when thousands of Chinese Nationalists took refuge from the Communists.

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