National Geographic October 1907


Dr. Bell’s Tetrahedral Tower
Remarkably light yet able to support a great deal of weight, Alexander Graham Bell’s unique tetrahedral tower is chronicled in this brief pictorial.
The Deep- Water Route from Chicago to the Gulf
Increased commercial traffic between the North and South pushed the limits of railway capacity, prompting the Midwest to urge support for a waterway from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.
Geologists in China
The Carnegie Institution publishes the first of two volumes covering its 1903- 1904 geologic expedition to China, only the second such expedition undertaken.
Koyasan, the Japanese Valhalla
Chosen in the ninth century by the Buddhist priest Kukai, the sacred cemetery of Koyasan draws thousands of pilgrims each year to the summit of Mount Koya, where the dead are honored with monuments, offerings, and prayers.
Tirnova, the City of Hanging Gardens
Felix J. Koch relates his impressions of Tirnova, Bulgaria: balconies festooned with oleander and grapevines, a bustling marketplace, and an incomparable sunset viewed from the city’s fire tower.
The Marvelous Prosperity of the South
Extracts from the manufacturer’s record reveal the South’s remarkable monetary boom from 1900 to 1906, including a 57 percent increase in the value of its agricultural product and a 52 percent jump in the value of its manufactured products.
The Chinese Jews
Despite long- standing prejudices, a small group of Jews in the city of Kaifengfu ( Kaifeng) persevere. Bereft of a synagogue – – destroyed by flooding – – theirs is a history of religious survival.
Introducing Reindeer into Labrador
Buoyed by the success of Siberian reindeer transplants to Alaska, a medical missionary hopes for similar results in Labrador, where the Inuit population faces starvation due to increasingly diminished game supplies.

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