National Geographic July 1931


The Most Famous Battle Field in America
Both sides lost a great deal in the three- day Civil War battle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where the carnage amounted to more than 50, 000 dead.
Unearthing America’s Ancient History: Investigation Suggests That the Maya May Have Designed the First Astronomical Observatory in the New World in Order to Cultivate Corn
Excavations at the ancient city of Uaxactun in the jungles of Guatemala reveal structures likely created to study the sky and plan agricultural activities.
Konka Risumgongba, Holy Mountain of the Outlaws
Ancient tribes inhabit China’s far western provinces, removed from the modern cities and devoted to rituals involving devil dancers and mountain gods.
Into the Land of the Chipmunk
The author, an animal lover since childhood, shares in words and pictures her friendship with chipmunks of the Wisconsin woods.

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