National Geographic January 2000


Celebrations of Earth
From mist- wreathed Chinese mountains to the wind- soured Saudi desert, a gallery of photographs captures some of the most striking vistas of our planet as we begin the year 2000.
The Enigma of Beauty
We humans care passionately about how we look. Throughout history and in every part of the world we have primped, preened, posed, and sometimes put our health on the line – all for an ideal no one can truly define.
Life Beyond Earth
What’s out there? Astronomers have searched for signs of extraterrestrial life for centuries. They have yet to find an alien microbe, much less intelligent life, but the eyes of science are seeing farther than ever before.
Light in the Deep: Selections From the Work of David Doubilet
For a quarter century David Doubilet has delved beneath the ocean’s surface to astonish us with illuminating images of this dark realm.
Rediscovering America
A British- born author and a Polish photographer travel across the United States – each for a second time – in search of hope, harmony, and their own American dream.
Tibet Embraces the New Year
In a sacred and festive celebration each winter, Tibetan Buddhists perform rituals to secure prosperity for the months ahead.

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